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Get involved in the CFANS Undergraduate Student Board (a peek into the experience as President)

CFANS Undergrad Student Board President Experience

What do you do as President of the USB?

As president of the USB, the biggest responsibility I have is to act as a liaison for all CFANS students, faculty and staff. The president also has the opportunity to organize and host meetings, both exec and full board meetings. The student board works to coordinate events to celebrate CFANS and foster community. It is the president’s job to oversee this.

What is your favorite part?

My favorite part of being the president of the undergrad student board is the incredible people I work with and work for. Personally, I love working with people to support and encourage positive change to foster the experience of everyone at CFANS.

How did you become interested in this position?

I enjoyed the work I did with the USB during my time as an AFBM major representative last year and realized I wanted to do more. I decided to take a chance and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

How has COVID-19 changed the way the board works?

Like the rest of campus, we had to move the meetings online. Now we do virtual meetings and support check ins. We did have to reschedule CFANS Spirt Day for next fall. We are taking things day by day, ensuring support for our students and moving forward with optimism.

If someone wanted to get involved in the organization, how would they do that?

We are having elections soon, you can find the application at this link

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