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Student highlight: Phoebe Limond

Phoebe Limond grew up in Deephaven, MN and attended Minnetonka High School. When looking to colleges and choosing majors, Phoebe honed in on AFBM due to her interest in the global food system and the pathway AFBM provided to understanding the business side of food production. “I truly cared to understand the process from food to fork,” she says. “I felt this major could provide insight into both sides of that…AFBM is unique in its qualities [to do] that.” When thinking about how she could gain a more global perspective on food systems, Phoebe decided the best way to gain that firsthand knowledge would be to visit another country herself.

“I chose my study abroad experience in China because I feel AFBM has provided me with the resources I need to be prepared to study in a foreign country, and this valuable experience will allow me to understand how other cultures live and interact with their environment.” While abroad, Phoebe hopes to become more familiar with the differences in food systems both culturally and globally.

Phoebe took the time this past summer to intern with the Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab, which allowed her the hands-on experience to understand agricultural research and what she may like, or not like, in a future career. “My summer internship allowed me to realize I would be better fit not as a [hands-on] researcher, but as a businesswoman who connected the research with the correct companies. That was very important since it has narrowed down what career I would like to have in the future!”

This summer, she will be working as a Commodity Trading Intern with The Scoular Company, learning about risk markets, commodity trading and how to behave in an office setting. “I found both of my internships through the CFANS Career Fairs. I have gone to career fairs every year since I was a freshman to develop my talking skills and become comfortable in that environment. It has helped me succeed in finding my internships and I would encourage all students to go to them!”

After graduation, Limond hopes to become involved in developing a more sustainable global supply chain in a developing country. Adding “I want what I have learned here at the University of Minnesota to make a difference in the world around us.”

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences,
Department of Applied Economics
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