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Spring into Spring with organization!

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Welcome to the Spring Semester!

While things seem to be picking up a little, it is important to keep life in balance.

It is time to get organized, get involved, and get active.

In order for you to show up to class, clubs and any other activities you are a part of, while bringing your best self each and every day, personal organization is critical. Make a list of your priorities, understand your 'why' and manage your time. Before you jump into anything new, it is important to understand your “why.” What are your motivations, on the deepest most true level? WHY do you want to do what you do? Be completely honest with yourself to help maximize your schedule and happiness. This will help you plan your priorities.

While making priorities, understand what needs to be done, vs. what you would like to get done. In order to keep your involvements on a manageable level, you have got to navigate your schedule. It is okay to say no. Run your schedule so it does not run you. Set up a calendar, such as outlook calendar, google calendar, or your canvas account and add in study time, exercise, social time and relaxation to keep yourself on track.

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