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3 tips to making new friends

Adjusting to the new experiences can be intimidating, however, it is important to meet people around you and develop a sense of community. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Get Involved

Getting involved with organizations based around an idea, movement, or action, is an incredible way to meet like-minded people. By joining a club, you already have a conversation starter with anyone you bump into. Take this platform and learn more about each other- discover additional similarities and explore those together. Not only will you meet some interesting people, you will also grow as a person. Many times, these organizations and clubs help you to develop perspective.

Take Advantage of Classes

While getting adjusted in your new classes, ask the people sitting around you if they would want to start a study group chat. Develop a community. They are probably wanting to have a conversation with you but are too nervous to ask. Just go for it. Use the group chat as an excuse to start a conversation. After the group chat is in place, don’t hesitate to reach out to them to ask them to join you on an adventure or two.

Find a Job

Finding a job is a great way to develop an outside community. Having a job is a way to gain a new community and keep life interesting. A change of pace is good to break up the intensive studying and student life while making income on the side.

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