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Setting up for summer- it's here!

Now that the year has come to a close, it is important to think about how to spend this summer. This could mean taking up a new hobby, exploring new interests, or planning a road trip.

Taking up a new hobby

Is there anything you have been wanting to try but didn’t have to time or the know-how to get it done? Make a list of all those activities, crafts, or recipes you have been wanting to try. This will inspire more ideas to come to mind. Once you have your list, select an activity and collect the steps you need in order to get it done. This might mean, looking up youtube videos, finding inspiration or insights on Pinterest.

Exploring new interests

Take some time this summer to expand your knowledge. Reading about different subjects is a great way to start, this can, however, soak up a lot of your time. Podcasts or audio books are a great alternative. This allows you to work on other tasks while still absorbing the information. Challenge yourself to learn about new topics you normally would overlook. This will help to broaden your perspective.

Take a trip

Many people are hesitant to travel because of the cost or the time commitment. There will never be enough money to travel and the right time will never come. This is one of those things you just need to commit to. Start off by jotting down a couple of ideas of possible destinations you have, then create an outline of a couple possibilities. Work a couple extra hours and set some money away. Set a date. If you set a date in the calendar the trip is now tangible.

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