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Summer Plans!

Despite the wonky Minnesota weather we have having, Summer is coming up soon. Before these summer months hit, plan to maximize your productivity. It is so easy to enter summer without an plan and then before you know it, it is the beginning of the fall semester and you can’t even remember what happened to summer. This is why it is important to make the most of summer before it slips away.

Here are some hints and tips to get you started.

  • Make a list of priorities

  • Internship

  • Job

  • Hanging with friends

  • Goals

  • Personal development

  • Road trip

  • Create a timeline

  • Plan out your days

  • Don’t sleep in everyday

  • Hours per week you want to work

  • Create a daily goal list

  • Make deadlines

  • Put the trips on your calendar

  • They are more likely to actually happen if you do this

  • Have someone hold you accountable to your goals

  • A parent, friend, or coworker

  • Remember the day of the week

  • If you forget what day of the week it is, this is a clear indicator you might not be maximizing your time.

  • Make Memories

  • Make sure to incorporate plenty of time for adventure into your schedule.

  • Do something crazy

  • Never say no

  • When friends ask you to go to concerts or events, always say yes.

  • Otherwise you will kick yourself later for passing up the opportunity.

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