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National Grocers Association Student Case Competition

Do you want…

  1. Exposure to the opportunities within a potential filled industry?

  2. Networking with extremely talented professionals?

  3. Insights to competitive internships?

  4. Opportunities for national scholarships?

  5. An all-expenses paid trip to California?

Join the NGA team!

The National Grocers Association is being proactive with recognizing and adapting to the needs of these different generations. Each year they host a Student Case Competition, to invite a younger perspective into the industry. This year, the challenge selected was “recruitment and retainment of millennials.” Most of the students who participated are members of Generation Z (born between 1995-2014.) The students who attended were exposed to the countless opportunities that the NGA conference offers. From the student case competition, mentor program, walking the trade floor, meeting industry leaders, listening to presentations, to the endless scholarship opportunities, these students truly gained a deeper understanding and appreciation for the potential the grocery industry offers. This conference is extremely valuable to connect members from all generations and ensuring a bright future for the industry.

For more information email:

University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences,
Department of Applied Economics
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