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Fun things for the 21 and under crowd to explore in the Twin Cities

Mall of America

  1. There are bus routes that will bring you there and back! 20-minute drive or 1-hour bus ride from Coffman Memorial Union. Enjoy rides at Nickelodeon Universe, various species of fish and sting ray at Sea Life MN Aquarium, and all the shopping your heart can handle.

  2. Walker Art Center

  3. 15-minute drive or 50-minute bus ride from St. Paul Student Center. This is a multi-disciplinary contemporary art center, enjoy the displays and quite atmosphere.

  4. Stone Arch Bridge

  5. 15-minute drive or 40-minute bus ride from St. Paul Student Center. Enjoy the scenery of the bridge, great place to go for a run or leisurely walk. Surrounding the bridge are cute shops, historic landmarks, and adorable diners to try out when the food trucks are not stationed ready to serve. It is a Minnesota Must-See.

  6. While you’re there, swing by the Guthrie Theater and check out the view from their skyway.

  7. Mill City Museum

  8. Located next to the Stone Arch Bridge and Guthrie Theater this museum has attracted guests for years. See why the Twin Cities have grown into what they are today by going back in time and reliving what started it all.

  9. Como Zoo

  10. 10-minute drive, 30-minute bus ride, or 15-minute bike ride from St. Paul Student Center. With a donation-only entrance fee, the Como Zoo is a great place to look at all the animals, they do have an indoor rainforest exhibit that is fun to visit in the winter when you want to be feel like you’re on a vacation. Next to the zoo (in the summer only) is Como Town filled with small rides and attractions, a picnic area, a golf course, and several walking trails.

  11. Minnesota Children’s Museum

  12. 15-minute drive, 40-minute bus or bike ride from St. Paul Student Center. Just because you’re not technically a kid anymore doesn’t mean you can’t have fun like one. Visit the new and old exhibits, enjoy the interactive learning area, or even catch a movie.

  13. 18+ Clubs

  14. There are 18+ clubs or events that are 18+ all around the cities. Check out color parties at the Myth, shows at 1st Ave, or even all the local bands that play on the weekends.

  15. Minnehaha Falls

  16. 20-minute drive, 45-minute bus or bike ride from St. Paul Student Center. Roam the trails and enjoy nature the gorgeous views stick around all year and if you’re feeling adventurous you can even try finding Prince Tunnel.

  17. Minnesota Landscape Arboretum

  18. 35-minute drive from St. Paul Student Center. Few students at the U know that the arboretum is a University asset and that as a student you get free admission. Visit the arboretum and enjoy miles of horticulture and species classifications, you can even enjoy the maze that is created every year.

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