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Accelerating your career through mobility: A presentation by Nicole Peter

“Relocating is basically a necessity.” – Nicole Peter

Nicole Peter graduated college in 2004 with a degree in Milling Science Management. Over the years, she has moved from Freemont, Nebraska to Decatur, Alabama to Loudonville, Ohio to Lakeland, Florida, and now lives in Minnesota working at Bimbo Bakeries in Roseville.

“Be honest when you mess up, listen and learn, and put in the extra hours” – Nicole Peter

Every new position that Mrs. Peter stepped into she took on the mentality that she needed to act like it was all new. Be a sponge, take all the information in, work every shift rotation to learn more about the job, ask questions, and most of all pay attention to the people around you. By using this strategy, Mrs. Peter could quickly advance to her goal of being a plant manager only 2 years after she graduated college.

“Know yourself, have confidence in who you are, and develop a thick skin” – Nicole Peter

Being a young woman in a male-dominated industry posed a few extra challenges as Nicole Peter started climbing the industry ladder. She quickly had to learn how to manage her emotions just as much as how to manage the people she was responsible for. Mrs. Peter explained that in many facets of the industry to show emotion was to show a weakness and learning how to contain everything until it was appropriate to shed a tear made all the difference in meetings with people who had specialized in their jobs decades ago.

Through everything, Nicole Peter pushed herself to work hard, ask questions, and she kept on taking the extra steps to pave a path towards her goals and aspirations. Anyone can make their own career path and have a success story to share if they have the right moxie to make it happen.

Top 5 Reasons to be Mobil by Nicole Peter

  1. Getting out of your comfort zone allows you to grow

  2. Relocating can open doors you never knew were out there

  3. Relocating shows a company you are committed to growing your skills, experience, and the success of the company

  4. Relocating will add to career growth and new opportunities

  5. Moving is always an adventure

Questions to always consider before making a move by Nicole Peter

  • Will you make more money or will the money go further?

  • It’s not always about the money but being compensated fairly leads to a feeling of appreciation and respect. The cost of living is always a consideration.

  • Will this push your career forward?

  • Research the new position – responsibilities, direct reports, network opportunities

  • Will this improve your life?

  • Not just at work but at home as well, you must consider everyone that a move will impact.

  • Will this get you out of a rut?

  • Will it give you a fresh perspective or help facilitate new collaboration opportunities?

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