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Now, this is from awhile ago, but as we head into summer break the point is still important to remember. Be your own advocate. Start now.

This event was put on by the CFANS Student Board and facilitated important conversations between students, faculty, and staff. Raising Canes was provided for lunch and all that was expected from students were their thoughts and opinions. I had the opportunity to sit in on a roundtable discussion about campus services and facilities with CFANS Dean Brian Buhr. It was amazing watching students bring up their issues around campus, their ideas, and the things they would like to have happen and then have the dean write them down and truly listen to each and every one. I honestly was not expecting to feel so much like my voice was heard, so at the end, the free food turned out just to be a bonus.

It is these kinds of events that more students need to go to. If you want your voice heard, if you want to meet the people that run CFANS, come utilize these opportunities. The only way your opinion can be heard is if you speak it.

One important lesson to learn as we get older is that YOU are your own advocate. Start now.

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